Top 5 Best Software Development Companies in Uruguay (2022)

best software development companies in Uruguay
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In Uruguay there are a large number of web and application development companies that increasingly compete internationally.

The number of programmers per capita, coupled with quality education, make software agencies in Uruguay stand out among the best in the world.

In today’s article we will tell you which are the best software development companies in Uruguay.

Are you ready?

Best Software Development agencies in Uruguay

In the following list you will find the reasons why we chose these companies as the best in the country.

Now, let’s get started.

1. LoopStudio


LoopStudio was born 8 years ago in Montevideo and has not stopped growing since then.

Every day they have more and more employees and satisfied customers.

This development company stands out for its web development services and custom application development.

Their team of programmers handle with expertise multiple languages and platforms such as Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React, Node JS and many others.

They are in charge of the design, development and fine-tuning of any mobile application, website or custom-made product.

They provide web development services, mobile development, platform development, automatic testing, enterprise applications, minimum viable products, platform integration and everything you can think of in terms of UX and UI.

Their clients are scattered all over the world, mainly in the United States.

2. Octobot


Another Montevideo-based agency that is offering its services to the world is Octobot.

Its team includes programmers, designers, engineers and experts in application, software and web development.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the development companies that have grown the most in recent years.

I recommend you to learn more about them here.

3. Bixlabs


With more than 30 employees and also founded in 2014 and in Montevideo, is Bixlabs.

They have more than 100 completed projects and the not inconsiderable sum of 100 million dollars of revenue in the applications and work they have done.

One of the best in terms of web and mobile development, not only in Uruguay but in Latin America.

They have more than deserved the number 3 position.

Meet them at this link.

4. CódigoDelSur


With almost a decade and a half of experience, CódigoDelSur is one of the Uruguayan development companies that have been providing services in the market for the longest time.

They stand out mainly in the development of mobile applications and are one of the best in the region in this area.

It has one of the largest teams of developers and workers in Uruguay, exceeding 100 employees.

Get to know CódigoDelSur by clicking here.

5. Rootstrap


Rootstrap is headquartered in Uruguay, Argentina and the United States.

They have worked and accomplished the creation of more than 750 products.

Thanks to them, they have achieved more than 100 million downloads.

Specialized in application and software development, Rootstrap is the fifth best web development agency in Uruguay.

Click here to know more about them.


Uruguay has a large number of software development companies that are making their way in the competitive world of Software Development.

LoopStudio is one of the software boutiques and web and mobile development agencies that has grown the most and provides the best services around the globe.

If you want to hire a reliable, expert agency that will advise you all the way, then they are the best option to make your product stand out.

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